Below I will list some great websites or youtube channesl that I really love to read and recommend in general.

Great Photographers showing their work


Serge Ramelli has created some great photos, not just from Paris. Even better is probably his free youtube channel with more than 200 great diversifying, entertaining tutorials on photography, Lightroom and Photoshop.


A great report on how to spend one week on photography on Iceland (German) and other topics, by Thomas Straubinger.

Tipps and Tricks

If you want to learn Photoshop, Aaron Nace from has a wonderful youtube channel:

Locationscout is a project by Manuel Becker from Cologne and gives you some great ideas from where to shoot when you are at great places like New York, Chicago or in the Rhineland 😉

I think I will give Manuel some ideas for Berlin…


Photographer´s Ephemeris is a MUST for those who are serious with landscape photography. The Software, free as a website or around 10 USD for an App, allows you to plan your location and the rise and setting of the sun. Being at the right place when the sun rises or sets is not coincidence, but proper planning!

Stellarium is an excellent piece of free software that shows you the stars in the sky – at any time in the future or past, and at any place on earth! If you want to engage with night photography, this software is your tool for planning the night.

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