There are some photography artists which I really envy in the most positive sense. They create photography art, enjoy their passion, share knowledge or create really new ways to see life at its best.

Some of them have a rather short history in their job, just around five to ten years working as photo professional. That shows me that, given the right amount of talent and lots of passion and hard work, many people can at least extend their portfolio and skills to a very reasonable level.

Please allow me to share with you:

Serge Ramelli

A photographer from Paris, very well known for his free youtube courses on Lightroom and Photoshop. Join the channel and you will probably also love the way he teaches managing Adobe photo software. Thanks, Serge, for the ton of inspiration that I received from you and your valuable tutorials!

Serge Ramelli youtube channel

Oliver Rath

Amazing people and street photography, right form the heart of Berlin. Life is beautiful. Watch his photos on his webpage and you will be thrilled! His photography book „Berlin bohéme“ is a feast, it is my favourite photo book. I am glad to own one that was signed by the master himself. Thanks and Cheers, Oli!

Aaron Nace – Phlearn

Photoshop learning and fun that´s the title of PHLEARN, the youtube channel by Aaron Nace. Incredibly helpful. More technical than Serge Ramelli, more towards very skilled Photoshop users. If you are new to the topic, first give it a try with Serge Ramelli. If you are already hooked up and know a bit more than the basics, Aaron Nace will help you master also tricky post processing tasks. Lots of tutorials, all for free. Amazing Always fun watching you, Aaron! Thanks a lot!

PHLEARN youtube channel

To be continued…

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